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Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm EDT
hand al-qaeda type attacks usually focus on large concentration shins of pedestrians and people such as buses stadiums, trains, not necessarily open wide streets. so there weren't that many casualties. as many as there were which is tragic it didn't kill as many as al-qaeda has killed in the past. remember this was the first successful bombing since 9/11. all other previous terrorist attacks there have been 95 attempted attacks were stopped by the f.b.i. except for three and those three occurred with shooting attacks so we knew the perpetrator immediately. this was the first successful bombing done since 9/11. >> is there anything in here that tells you that this was domestic related? >> well, i mean you kcan go bot ways on it. obviously you know tax day may be a protest but if tax day and you were protesting the government you would want to hit a government facility. my leaning is that considering the person of interest who they picked up and not necessarily guilty i want to add is of foreign origin that this looks like it's leaning toward that direction. >> do you have a sense
Apr 15, 2013 10:00pm EDT
it was a high-explosive. what does that mean? could it have been a military explosive or something al-qaeda has used? as they get into it they will find that out. >> based on these explosions the type of ieds you're describing do you think the break will come from the carnage or human intelligence? >> no, i think it will come from the evidence collected on the ground. in part from the carnage. what will be interesting is to see how this exchange of information goes between federal and local officials. because this happened in boston and it didn't happen in a federal facility boston police and massachusetts state police actually have the lead on this investigation. now in terms of having all of the technology and the manpower and woman power necessary to put all the information together that's something the f.b.i. can do well. unfortunately in the past in these investigations federal law enforcement use it as a one way street. they'll take information from the locals and they won't share anything. from watching the press conference i think they're will be the kind of sharing back and forth that
Apr 16, 2013 9:00am EDT
individuals or groups will feel the full wait of justice. i think we have to be looking. >> it's al qaeda, off chute or a self starter in the united states, a homegrown terrorist. the search for bombing suspects likely includes an analysis of terror organizes worldwide.. the pakistani taliban denies any involvement in the marathonn explosion. the group's main focus is targeting the pakistani p government because of its alliance with the u.s.ance it has threatened attacks in thn u.s. before and says it was w behind a failed car bombing in times square in 2010. >> we want to keep you updated on metro which went on high alert following the bombings in boston. we speak with dan earlier today. he tells you security may be heightened. he stresses there's no specific threat against metro or any transit system. >> from the rails to the roads there an impact on drivers today because of emancipation dayion activities in the direct. >> julie wright joins us with wt the details on that that's a traffic mess, isn't it? >> we've seen the closures in place along 13th streetee between pennsylvania avenue and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3